Man Sentenced for Capturing Rainwater

rainOk . . . it didn’t really happen, but theoretically it could.  As water resources grow scarce due to drought, population growth, or other factors, many enterprising people have devised ways to capture rainwater that falls on their property for later use.

Be careful!  In most states capturing rainwater is either prohibited or regulated.  This may seem absurd at first, but the idea is that rainfall is public property and must be allowed to return naturally to the water table for the public good.

In Utah it is against the law to capture rainwater unless you have registered the use with the Utah Division of Water Rights.  Even with proper registration, Utah law restricts the aggregate capacity of all capture containers to 2,500 gallons.  There is, however, an exception to registration for small volume collection.  A person “may collect and store precipitation, without registering . . . in no more than two covered storage containers if neither covered storage container has a maximum storage capacity of greater than 100 gallons.” Utah Code Ann. § 73-3-1.5(4).

Registration is free and can be completed quickly online here.

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