Preparation – It’s Easier Than You Think!

As with many new undertakings in life, when you’ve decided to begin planning your estate, it’s easy to be left feeling overwhelmed, intimidated, and wondering where to start. Aside from finding an estate planning attorney, knowing what information you’ll need can help to ease these feelings.

The following is a list of information you can expect an attorney to request when you begin planning your estate:

  • Most recent personal tax returns
  • A list of any real estate you own
  • A list of any businesses you hold an interest in
  • A list of all bank/brokerage/retirement accounts
  • A list of any other large items of personal property (boats, trailers, etc.)

In addition to providing the above information, giving some thought to some pertinent topics is beneficial. The following is a list of questions to think about before beginning to plan your estate:

  • Who do you want to pass various parts of your estate to?
  • What are your wishes in regards to life saving measures?
  • What are your wishes in regards to the disposition of your body after the time of passing?
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