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Collecting a Judgment in Utah

You won your case and received a civil judgment . . . congratulations! However, your work is not yet complete. Although you won a judgment, the Courts do not collect the judgment for you, that’s your job. Collecting a civil … Continue reading

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Adverse Possession in Utah

In Utah, adverse possession is a legal doctrine that allows a person to gain ownership of another person’s property by openly occupying and using it without the owner’s permission for a certain period of time. To establish a claim of … Continue reading

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What a Lawsuit Looks Like.

Typical steps of civil litigation in Utah. Continue reading

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Can I Get Attorney Fees? Maybe.

One of the most common questions a client asks when considering whether to file a lawsuit is “can I get an award for attorney fees?”  The answer to this question is a very unsatisfying “maybe.”  As a general rule, in … Continue reading

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