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Adverse Possession in Utah

In Utah, adverse possession is a legal doctrine that allows a person to gain ownership of another person’s property by openly occupying and using it without the owner’s permission for a certain period of time. To establish a claim of … Continue reading

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What Deeds Do.

Transferring ownership in real estate from one party to another is typically accomplished by signing a deed.  However, there are several different types of deeds, each of which serve varying purposes.  This article briefly describes the most common deeds and … Continue reading

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Know Before You Rent!

With the advent of the sharing economy and websites such as and, many people have considered renting their primary or second residences to supplement income or defray maintenance expenses.  This practice can lead to disputes with neighbors and … Continue reading

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Co-Owners and Property Rights

We are often contacted by clients who find themselves in difficult situations because they purchased real property with a non-spouse third party such as a boyfriend, girlfriend, in-law, or child. The reasons for doing so are varied and usually good-intentioned. … Continue reading

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Will the Real Property Line Please Stand Up?

The advent of satellite and GPS technology has unexpectedly increased property line disputes.  Now that we can map property line descriptions with incredible accuracy, many land owners are discovering that the “old fence line” is not on the “real property … Continue reading

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Five Things Every Tenant Should Know

Most landlord/tenant relationships are in writing.  However, many times tenant’s find themselves asking “can my landlord really do that?”  There are some things a landlord cannot do, even if the lease says they can.  If you rent real estate in … Continue reading

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